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Like so many others, I was born elsewhere but lucky to be raised in Texas. After more than 40 years here I still have a long list of places to see, hike, fish or photograph! Recently married to my first sweetheart (from the 5th grade) and doing the kind of work I always wanted to do equals a very fortunate and happy man.

I enjoy new challenges and I am usually the one colleagues, family and friends seek out when there is a technical hurdle to overcome. The more difficult the puzzle is the more determined I am to find a workable solution.

With an over-active need to perfect the details I constantly work to balance progress vs perfection to get the job done on time and within budget.

Question, comment or complaint?  Happy to hear from you… unless you finally want that twenty bucks I borrowed from you in 1994.  In that case, you have found the wrong Jon Mensing.

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